What is Strength and Conditioning?

It's the practical application of sport and exercise research.  An S&C coaches goal is to improve the athletic qualities which determine success in a particular sport. A fairly big part of that is building resilience and robustness, a strategy which may reduce injury risk as well as creating the toughness needed to train consistently and productively.

Sounds too serious and involved for your level of sport? The very same principals  that apply to professional athletes can be used to improve performance in recreational sportspeople, and even in occupational settings. S&C isn't a type of exercise or workout, it's the process and the method.

Please complete a PARQ before your first class or session.

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Please complete a PARQ before your first class or session.


Try to have the room not too bright and not too dark. Closing curtains and using the ceiling light may help.


To pin the coach's video so it doesn't switch about when folk talk, click/tap the settings or the 3 dots on the screen with the host on and you can choose to pin video. Or it may say spotlight video, depending on your device.

Place camera/device in a position where you can be seen in full, or where you can change angle between standing and floor exercises.


It rinses your battery, have a charger handy

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily, ideally clothes that contrast with your background - it helps to see you better.

Hydrate before the class and have water nearby

Enjoy getting better at doing what you do!


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